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Mary Hare School

Mary Hare School
Arlington Manor
Snelsmore Common
RG14 3BQ
United Kingdom

Mary Hare School is the largest school for profoundly and severely deaf children in the UK. Mary Hare teaches using an auditory oral approach, so that children learn though spoken and written English – no sign language is used in teaching. The school has maintained a high standard, with over 85% of pupils gaining 5 or more GCSEs for the last 5 years and 95 % pass rate at A level. Nearly all leavers go on to further education. 

The school is part of a large national charity and benefits from the additional activities of the Mary Hare Charity. An active fundraising department and various trading activities generate funds to support the development of the school. The Training Division provides opportunities for teachers to attend national and international conferences organised on site. The Training Division also offers post-graduate courses including the mandatory qualification for Teachers of the Deaf and the MSc in Educational Audiology and MA in Special Education (Hearing Impairment). 

Mary Hare also has an Arts Centre on site, which houses the school’s music and performing arts department, but also offers a programme of arts events including music, theatre dance and comedy. 

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