Cornerways Childrens Services Ltd

Contact: Jo Horne

Alpha A
Smallmead House
United Kingdom

Tel: 01293 826840

About Cornerways Childrens Services Ltd

We are a small ethical organisation owned and managed by experienced social workers and teachers who are dedicated to making a suatainable difference to the lives of childrens and young people.  Our residential care service specialises in providing therapeutic care for an all female client group aged 12-18 with EBSD resulting largely, but not exclusively from early life experiences of abuse, negect and trauma.

The provision of Residential Care is most usually combined with attendance at our own Cornfield School for fully integrated therapeutic crae and education, but we do also offer residential only placements when other education is deemed more suitable and is available locally.

We pride ourselves on supporting the young women to make positive transfers to and from our homes.

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