NCS The Challenge - Youth and Community Leaders

NCS The Challenge - Youth and Community Leaders

Youth and Community Leaders

We are looking for dedicated individuals with an interest in working with young people to strengthen their communities, working both residentially and in the local community in London, Surrey, Buckingham and Berkshire, Yorkshire, the West Midlands or the North West.

A single programme lasts three to four weeks and includes outdoor activities, skill development and community service. We have paid positions available for people at every level of experience, from those wishing to gain further experience working with young people, through to experienced Project Managers. We have positions lasting from 2 weeks through to 14 weeks.

The Challenge is a fast-growing social enterprise that connects and inspires people across Britain to strengthen their communities. NCS The Challenge is a programme that brings together young people from different backgrounds, builds their confidence, and challenges them to make a difference in their local community. In 2016, 32,000 young people across the UK took part in NCS The Challenge

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